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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

UPDATE! UPDATE! The Highpoint, NC tournament has been moved to a new location due to construction issues. The new location is only 10 minutes away at the Jamestown YMCA, 900 Bonner Drive, Jamestown, NC 27282. Call Todd at 336-442-6521 for more info.
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Monday, August 28, 2006 mixtape will not be available until after the National Championship game.
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This summer has been tournament bananzas! Can't remember when there were so many tournaments. And more to come with two this weekend in Appleton, Wisconsin and High Point, NC. So all you ballers get all the basketball you can handle. Everyone wants a piece of the pie! Thats great! Good for basketball and good for the communities that host these events. Hopefully we will continue give asian ballers more opportunities to showcase their skills and have a lil fun. Remember its about enjoying yourselves. Sometimes we get caught up in winning so much, especially myself, that we forget to enjoy the game that we play. So to everyone enjoy the tournaments this labor day weekend and to those who's going to the beach have a safe trip.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 26th tournament. Congrats to Xiro and the Northsiderz! Finally a championship for the Northsiderz after at least 3 second place finishes this year. Also good job to Ivolution for taking second. There were 10 teams at this tourney.
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Milwaukee, Wisconsin tournament tommorrow. Can Da Great (team from Wisconsin area) go for two championships or will the Diciples prove they are they #1 team in the country! We will find out soon!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Attention ATL! We will be starting the Fall League, Tuesday September 12th. First games will be on that date. You can register in person every Tuesday at our weekly basketball night (at Poston Road Baptist Church), or email us at or call us at 404-259-7367  for registration forms. Registration fee is $200.  You can pay on that day. But we must have a registration form filled out and signed. Thank you.
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Final 8 teams analysis
34 - Fosho, Mn - as always fosho can compete with anyone, they prove time and time again that they are one of the top 5 teams in country, Big Ups Lou you need to pop that 3's more!
12 -2Faded, Mn
- Xiro jumped on this squad and did his thing to make them a contender. But I think they depended on him too much. Because when he got hurt a couple times, they couldn't recover.

27 -Mpls Lakers, Mn
- Hank did all he could all day without their star point guard. But Lakers got the heart of a champion. Just not enough firepower that day.
39 -Team Orlando, FL
- This team was the surprise of the tournament. With rapper Southstar (from smilez and southstar) leading them  all day the made it all the way to the championship game. #7 Dennis was maybe the sickest point guard in the tournament. Quik with a nasty crossova and great on ball defender.

18 - Scrappy Duus, Ga
- Wat can I say about my team. We didn't play well at all.  Made too many mistakes and turnovers. No ball movement. #23 Vechat had the highlight of the tournament when he dunked on a guy on a fast break. Other than that as a team we didn't play well.
26 - United, Va -
  This I thought was going to win the whole thing. I was wrong. They were too cocky and didn't play there game. Good athletes and great point guard #1 Benny , reminds me of Jason Kidd. They had all the talent and size, but only finished in the Final Four.

27 - Teddy Bears, Ga
- Two time defending champs were beat again by Fosho. Fosho just has their number. They were missing two key players in the Playoffs with there best all around player #11 billy getting hurt the very first game. And their young point guard leaving to catch a flight. But as champs do, they always put up a good fight losing by only 2 on a last second shot by the eventual champs, Ohio.
29 - Ohio, OH
- Wat can I say, but Wow! No one thought this team was going to win the whole thing. They have won tournaments in the past, but they just played a lil harder and a lil better than everyone else. With no real bonifide superstars, this team just ran and ran and play great team defense and moved the ball around. The most unselfish team in the tournament. Showed the true meaning of team and why asian basketball is such a good thing. They deserved every bit of that $2500 dollars.

Final Four
37 - Orlando vs 32 - Fosho                         
34 - Ohio vs 26 - United

Championship Game
58 - Ohio   vs     45 - Orlando
Ohio! Ohio! Ohio! Wow! Great job guys! The teams that were in the Final Four of the Atlanta Classic proved that only a Team win championships. Great individual players can only do so much without the help from his teammates. And all those teams played well together. Thanks to all the teams that showed up. The surprise team of the tournament was Team Orlando, Florida. With Southstar doing everything and #32 scoring inside they made it all the way to the Finals. Ohio beat the reigning champs Teddy Bears and United, along their way to the championship. With a group of unselfish players and loyal fans cheering they showed the real essence of teamwork. Congratulations Team Ohio see you next year!
Here are the players that shined  at the Atlanta Classic
G - #3 Billy - FA East Boyz, NC
G - #1 Southstar - Team Orlando,  FL
F - #32 Tony - Team Orlando, FL
G - #7 - Dennis - Team Orlando, FL
C/F - #23 - Vechat - Scrappy Duus, Ga
G - #1 - Benny- United, Virginia
G - #1 - Xiro - 2Faded, Mn
F - #20 - Lou - Fosho, Mn
C - #00 - Lawrence - Mojo, SC
G - #13 - Khen - Team Ohio, OH
F - #43 - Atif - Atl Outkasts, Ga
F - #5 - KK - CIA, NC
C - #00 - Eugene - Teddy Bears, Ga
C - #3 - Hank - Mpls Lakers, Mn
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Friday, August 18, 2006

Well its game time in ATL! We've had a lot of surprises even before the tournament started. With teams withdrawing and new teams coming. But thats nothing new, thats the nature of asian basketball tournaments. Thats what makes it fun. We love the game of basketball thats why we play. So its time to play ball. We hope everyone enjoys themselves. Best of luck to all the teams!
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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

According the recent Poll. Looks like the #1 team (Mpls Lakers) are the favorite to win this year's 2nd Major Championship in Atlanta. FA East Boyz finished second and followed by Fosho (looking for their 3rd tournament championship in 2006).
Reminder***** All teams that are coming to the Atlanta Classic**** We need you to come around 7:45 am to fill out roster and waiver forms. We have a lot of games scheduled and no team can enter the gym without a completely filled out roster form. So please help us out by being on time (we know how asian people like to be late). Also if any team that registers after 8:15 am it will be $350 fee instead of $300. Sorry but time is money. Thank you to all the teams who registered early, we appreciate the help. See you on Saturday! Good luck to everyone have a safe trip.
Also we would like to send our best wishes to one of the teams that have registered. Due to a death to a friend they may not make it on Saturday. The asian basketball community to us is more than just basketball, we have made lots of friends through this game. And we have to remember that it is just a game. We love competition, but we must love people even more. So remember to appreciate what God has given to you everyday.
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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top players to look out for this weekend in Atlanta. 
#1   G  Lee -  Thai Dish
#23 G/F Johnny -  Thai Dish
#?   C   Eugene - Teddy Bears
#11  G  Timmy - Teddy Bears
#?   G   Billy -  FA East Boyz
#1   G   Xiro - Team N/A
#?   F/G  Atif -  Atl Outkasts
#20  G  Lou -  Fosho
#3   C   Hank -  Mpls Lakers
#?   G  Marvin - Creep Dogg
#11   G  Paul -  Creep Dogg
#23  C/F  Vechat - Scrappy Duus
#10  G  Mang -  Scrappy Duus
Also Player of the Year Award will be given at 12 Noon at the Atlanta Classic. Voting ends August 16th, so get them votes in for your favorite players!
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Atlanta Classic Official After Party at Verve Lounge- Saturday Night in da ATL!
Here are the Teams that might be attending the Atlanta Classic. We say might because new teams might be added or teams that are scurred might withdraw (J/K). Good luck to all the  teams. This is going to be something to watch! Crazy talent this weekend with Most of the top teams in the country representing in ATL!! I Can't wait! Can you!!
United - VA
Fa East Boyz - NC
Mpls Lakers - Mn
Atl Outkasts - Ga
Yakiniku J.P. - Ga
F.P. Ballers - Ga
Picachoo - Ga
Mojo - SC
Teddy Bears - Ga
Team KMC - NC
Atl Rat Pack - Ga
Scrappy Duus - Ga
Team Ohio - OH
Supreme Court - Ga
Creep Dogg - Ga
2 Faded - Mn
Thai Dish - Ga
Da Rock - Ga
Red Raiders - SC
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All Teams that haven't registered  for the Atlanta Classic yet must pay Registration fee ($300) by cash.
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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mucho Props to the Team Fresno & Diciples for taking 1st place in  Fresno, Cali and Kansas City, Mo. Good job to Team Turner for putting up a good fight against Team Fresno, maybe the top asian team in Cali right now. Also good job Northsiderz, a team still in search of their first tournament championship.  They have placed 2nd in three tournaments now. Good tournout in Kansas City with 20 teams. There was lil problem in Fresno, but it was still a good tournament with 10 teams that showed up. I want to see Team Fresno face some of the elite teams around the country. Hopefully we'll see that soon.
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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Good luck this weekend to all the teams that are attending tournaments in Fresno, California & Kansas City, Missouri. August 12-13th. We will have tournament wrapups as soon as we get it. 
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Monday, August 7, 2006

Here is the list of teams that registered before August 5th, they are in the drawing for $100 off registration fee.
Mpls Lakers
Scrappy Duus
ATL Outkasts
Teddy Bears
FA East Boyz
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Just a reminder, registration fee before August 12th is $250, and after it is $300, so get those registrations in.
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Saturday, August 5, 2006

Congrads to Yellow Fever (NY) and Team KMC (NC) for winning tournaments over the weekend in Syracuse, NY and Charlotte, NC. Also a good job to the 2nd place winners Firestorm (Providence, RI) and Blaze (Spartanburg, SC). Both tournaments had 10 teams in their areas show up. Yellow Fever has moved up in the rankings by winning another tournament. Great job fellas!
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Friday, August 4, 2006

Hi everyone, I hope that yah are having a great summer. We are looking for teams that would like to part of the Atlanta local league. You can contact us at 404-259-7367 or email at If you don't have a team and would like to play in this league, contact us and let us help you. Stay tuned for more updates.
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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Which team will beat the Mpls Lakers in the Atlanta Classic? We think these teams have the best chance.
1. Teddy Bears - Veteran team with size and great shooters. Lots of championship experience. Won the last 2 Atlanta Classics. Never played each other though.
2. Fosho - Also a veteran team that has experience, but not enough size. Great shooters and great team play. This team has won 3 tournaments already this year. Unfortunately they have lost twice this year to the Lakers already. So they want some revenge.
3. Supreme Court - An under achieving team that loses to Teddy Bears almost every time. But will give the Lakers a challenge with their size and quickness. Never faced each other.
4. Virginia Beach Squad - This team is under the radar in the south. It will be their first appearance in the Atlanta Classic. This team has lots of size and quick striking defenders. This team is the dark horse favorite to win the Atlanta Classic. Never faced Lakers.
5. Scrappy Duus - This squad has not had a good year after winning 4 tournaments in 2005. Good shooters and good team defense. Very inconsistent play when it comes to facing the elite teams. Young team lead by the always dangerous Bo. Lost to Lakers  both times, in the only 2 games they faced each other.
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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

We have been asked to rank tourneys around the country so here are the Top 5 Asian Tournaments in the Country.
1.  California, Long Beach Area-  over 50 teams, all asian only, 1 week long usually in the fall season. First place $10,000. Most competitive tournament by far.
2.  Minesota, nicknamed "the Big Dance" -  36 teams, all asian only, usually around July 4th. First place $1500.  The Best tournament in the Midwest! Great atmosphere and comp.
3.  Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored tourney - #teams unknown, all asian, usually in July. First place $1500. Great organization and level of play, still a lil unknown to most of the country.
4.  Atlanta Classic, Ga sponsored by - 20 plus teams, all asian only, First place $2500. The most competitive tournament in the south! Most diverse asian competition.
5.  High Point, NC - 20 plus teams, 1 non- asian allowed, usually around June. First place  $1000. Long tradition in North Carolina, wish they could move up the prize money though. Also used to be only asians, wish they go back to that.
Baby Blue, Chapel Hill, NC- 24 teams, 1 non- asian allowed, usually in April. No prize money! Only given recognition because of amount of teams & tradition, but tournament needs work.
Tournaments that allow 1 non-asian are not True asian tournaments. Asian tournaments started with only asians playing. So these tourneys don't have much credibility to see how good an asian team is without the Ringer!
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