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Friday, September 29, 2006

Music Minute - Check out the new AZN Radio page!!! We have the battle of the songs from the top asian rappers in the country including Jin, Thai, Jimmy boi, Scrappy duus, and Chuckie Akens. Also watch Thai's latest video - "Roll wit us". Just visit the azn radio section of this site!
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dang wat happened to the Falcons last night? They just got destroyed! It seemed like all the odds were against them last night. It was New Orlean's day. A day to celebrate and a day to remember. Nobody probably would have beaten the Saints last night. It was good for the city that went through so much and still going through a lot. Sometimes sports is needed to help forget some of life's sorrows. Sports is never as important as life. But it can also be good therapy. At least that what it seemed like to those people in that area.
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Northsiderz/Faded tournament winners were the host team. Xiro and the Northsiderz combined with 2Faded for their second championship this year! Good job to Just Us for finishing second.
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Monday, September 18, 2006

This weeks pick the winners are:
College -  Arizona state vs UCLA
NFL - Carolina vs Tampa Bay
email your picks to
2Faded/Northsiderz Tournament this Saturday. Looks to be a good tournament with the top teams in the Midwest compete to see who's the best in that region. Also the the National Championships looks to be somethin to watch with the Number #1(LA Showtime) and #2 (Ohio)  teams in the country have confirmed to be there!! So who will be this year's national champion? See you in Atlanta on October 28th!!
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Monday, September 11, 2006

We would like to remember the victims of 9/11. And also we would like to give a thank you, and a prayer to all the men and women who serve this country, so that we may have all the freedoms that we enjoy. We are all fortunate to live in a country that gives opportunities that others do not have. So we must thank God for all our blessings.'s Asian National Championship maybe the most professional asian invitational in the country. This tournament of champions does not offer prize money, but offers so much more. Talent and outstanding teams. We at seek out to find as many teams that we do not know about as possible. With our staff and scouts we use them as our eyes and ears to evaluate new teams that were unknown to us. We will continue to do the research and send our people to more events to find more teams that are unknown and make them known. LA Showtime out of California put an impressive showing in last weekend's invitational, deserving of their current #1 ranking. There were many competitive teams at this tournament. Lots of size, height, athletic ability, and team skills were on display in Vegas. We will have a more thorough wrapup coming soon. But Congratulations to Showtime for finishing #1 and Shootout for taking second. Good job to all the teams for a very entertaining tournament.
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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Good luck to the teams this weekend that are competing in the Asian National Championships! These some of the top teams ranked on the site and tournaments across the country. There are so many teams accross the country that new info is found on a daily basis. So many teams that are unknown to most asianballers in the country. Thats what this site is all about. Finding teams and players that are unknown. will have a representative at this tournament to find out more about these teams. Also we will  be in New York City on October 7th to play and find out about the Top teams in the East Coast. With more information we can better serve you. And in time we will have all the teams information so that we can rank all teams accordingly. Thank you for your support. Current Rankings
(these are teams that were invited to play in the Asian National Championship Tournament)
01 01 IPB Vancouver TBA/Drive/etc word back
02 03 J/C Tigers Blue (LA) ...too many injured
03 -- IPB Calif. Assassins/BKS/Wolfpack ...too many IPB tourneys
04 04 PHI So. Bay Shootout (SJ/Stockton) ...confirmed
05 02 IPB California Shockwaves ...too many other IPB tourneys
06 05 CJP DreamLeague All-Stars (SF/Oak) ...confirmed
07 06 CHN Seattle Bladerunners ...might be disbanding
08 12 IPB Maryland Five Pillars ...player getting married
09 07 IPB Houston Underdogs word back
10 08 J/C Pacific Coast/Barons (Oak/Sac) ...maybe
11 10 J/C Setai Cossa/Duke (SF) ...not enough players available
12 11 ALL Wildcatz (Stanford) ...does not play outside Bay Area
13 09 IPB Dallas Bandits ...newborns and weddings
14 13 PHI Bay Area HEADS ...many players injured
15 14 IPB Houston OCP ...too many players banged up from Toronto 8/27
16 15 ALL DLNYC/Cruisers/DaBien/etc ...playing in PIBNA Montreal
17 33 PHI Hawaii Phenoms ...confirmed
18 16 PHI Las Vegas Aces (fka Vegas ABL Select) ...confirmed
19 24 IPB Philadelphia F.A.Y. ...couldn't get a hold of
20 17 PHI PacRim Sports (LA) word back
21 18 J/C Arizona Desert Jade ...confirmed
22 19 CJP MIN/CHI Lakers/Dragons ...flight back on 9/10 is too early
23 20 PHI Driven (Bay Area) ...confirmed
24 32 IPB Toronto Khalsa ...conflicting tourney schedule and captain running for office
25 21 CJP AS Friends Gold (LA) ...know about it, but won't be joining us
26 25 PHI Wizards (Bay Area) ...confirmed
27 26 CHN Washington CYC (DC) ...morphed with AZ Desert Jade for LVI 9/9
28 27 IPB Houston Boyz and family conflicts
29 28 CHN Texas Ballistics word back
30 31 PHI APIBA (SD/LA) ...confirmed
31 -- IPB California Bad Boyz ...too many IPB tourneys
32 22 IPB Chicago DOME/Untouchables/etc ...weddings and too many IPB tourneys
33 34 PHI Island Heat (Las Vegas) ...confirmed
34 35 J/C LA Dragon's Den word back via LA Tigers
35 29 CJP San Jose Kidz/Hoopwear ...captain getting married
36 30 IPB Virginia Playaz ...too many IPB tourneys
37 -- PHI 3GS (LA) ...confirmed
38 -- PHI West Covina Stunners ...confirmed
39 -- ALL Houston Alief/Screwston ...airfare from Houston too high
40 -- PHI LA Showtime ...confirmed

ALL = All listed Asians
CHN = Chinese only
IPB = IndoPak
J/C = Japanese/Chinese
PHI = Filipino
VIE = Vietnamese
KOR = Korean
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***New Contest***
We will be starting the Weekly Football Picks. You pick the winner from our Games of the week  by emailing us your picks to  Each game that you pick the correct winners are worth 1pt. All emails must be received by 12 am Friday. We will have standings listed by email names on the Sports section of this site. The season ends after the Super Bowl. The winner will recieve a $50 visa gift card and an T-shirt. Good luck!
This week's games are: 
College - #1 Ohio St. vs #2 Texas
NFL -  Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers
Email mail us your winners to
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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

East Coast is in the game! Two tournaments in October. October 7th in New York City and October 14th in Fairport, NY. Scroll down for all the info on these tournaments. With so many NBA players from the New York area. We are sure that these tournaments will have some very good players and teams. We are always finding out about more teams and players on a daily basis. Asian basketball is taking off at a rapid pace. Its good for the game and its so exciting to see asians so hyped up about this game!
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Sunday, September 3, 2006

High Point, NC tournament Congrats to Ohio!! The new #1 team in the country. Proving that the win at the Atlanta Classic was justified. With a deep bench and great shooting, this team deserves the #1 ranking! Also good job to Teddy Bears for placing 2nd. Good tournament with 18 teams. The level of play has picked in the North Carolina region. All the teams played hard and there are new teams to watch out for.
Appleton, Wisconsin - Congrats to The Great for winning their second tournament of the year moving them into the top 15. As always Fosho was contending for another championship, finishing second. Tournament had 13 teams.
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Friday, September 1, 2006

Two Big tourneys this weekend! Good luck to all the teams attending the Appleton, Wisconsin tourney and the High Point, NC tourney. Teddy Bears will try to defend their title in High Point. They were dissapointed in Atlanta by Team Ohio. Will Team Ohio make it two in a row to move up to #1 in the rankings. And will the Diciples go to Appleton and put their #1 ranking on the line. We will find out soon enough!! Good luck to everyone!
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