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Monday, October 30, 2006

Congratulations to LA Showtime! 2006 National Champions! A great team effort. Good job to all the teams that competed! Thanks for a great event.
Game 1 postgame
Northsiderz   98
Team Ohio     92
Northsiderz with the major upset! They showed Ohio that the came to play. Ohio had no answer for Xiro who scored 27 points in the first half. Xiro finished with a game high, 52 points! Ohio played like they were not ready in the first half, making little mistakes on offense and defense. Also poor shooting in the first half lead to an 11 point deficit at halftime. In the second half the Northsiderz held off a surge by Ohio, lead by Sam Choun with 39 points! But Northsiderz had control of this game from start to finish. Especially with Xiro bombing threes all over the place! Ohio, as most veteran teams do, gave it a late run, but they fell a little short. Good job guys anyways.
Game 2 postgame
LA Showtime   106
Teddy Bears      95
Now this game seemed to be such a contrast in styles. Showtime's athleticism and youth just overpowered the Teddy Bears much older team. Outrebounding, outrunning, and out hustling the Teddy Bears, they jumped to a 21 point lead. Teddy Bears looked real sluggish in the first ten minutes and Showtime took full advantage. And also a big factor in the game, when the Teddy Bears lost their starting center. He was severly injured in the first half and did not return. We believe he tore his achilles tendon. So best wishes to Eugene. That proved to be something that the Teddy Bears could not overcome. They were already a little thin inside and things  just got worse. It looked like Showtime was going to win by 40 points at that point. But the Teddy Bears experience and heart kept them in the game. With Bo leading the charge with 31 points and infusing energy for the Teddy Bears, they cut the lead down to 8 points. But in the end they kept trading baskets and could not put a stop to Showtime's scoring. Showtime's rebounding (Richard Cole had 17 rebounds) and deep bench help to wear out a depleted Teddy Bear's team who only had 1 player on the bench left after one of their players fouled out. Showtime would advance to the Championship.
Championship Game
LA Showtime  118
Northsiderz     94
The championship game was a total domination by LA Showtime. From the beginning it was no doubt. Even with Xiro's 37 points, Showtime at one point had a 35 point lead. They sat their starters for most of the game. With Addy Poe fouling out early in second half, the Northsiderz best defensive player  was not a factor. So Showtime cruised to the Championship!
Showtime proved that they are the best team in 2006! Great job to Coach Romeo Covento for  great season.
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Friday, October 27, 2006

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Good job to the Great for winning the Sheboing boing tournament! Northsiderz finished second. Tournament info N/A.
Its Game Time! The Asian Final Four National Championships this Saturday 3pm in Atlanta, Ga. I hope yah are excited to find out who will be the Champion of 2006! Looks like the Northsiderz have a huge fan base voting for them in the polls. Here are the matchup breakdowns for the games.
#2 Team Ohio vs #10 Northsiderz
Key players: #1 guard - Xiro - NS
                  #3 guard - Sam Choun - Ohio
This will be a matchup of two great shooting teams. With the northsiderz inside outside game this should cause some problems for Ohio's defense. Ohio will have to try to contain Xiro's three pointers, if they want to slow down the Northsiderz attack. But Ohio has their own 3 pt specialist in Sam Choun. If this guy gets on fire, its lights out for the Northsiderz. But both teams have more shooters than just their top players, so look for some of the other players to step up. We will give the inside advantage to Ohio. Even though their centers are barely over 6 foot, these guys know how to rebound and score inside. If Xiro doesn't work his magic and dominant this game offensively, we give the advantage to Ohio because of their depth. Ohio has great ball movement and do not rely on one player so this is a big advantage. Ohio subs in 5 players at a time. So they should wear out the Northsiderz to a win. This will be fun to watch. Our predictions Ohio wins in a high scoring game 85-75.
#1 LA Showtime vs #16 Teddy Bears
Key players: #11 forward - Billy - Teddy Bears
                  #? guard - Ryan Rayez - LA Showtime
This will be the battle of size and height. Showtime is a lil bigger than the Teddy Bears at every position. But the Teddy Bears have a lot of experienced basketball players. Ryan Rayez will cause all kinds of problems for the Teddy Bears. Playing the point, the 6'3  guard has great all around skills. The Teddy Bears must slow him down if the want to even have a chance in this game. Most people believe the Teddy Bears will  be dominated by Showtime's size and skill, inside and out. There coach Romeo Covento will have his team ready to dominate on Saturday. Showtime has a more uptempo game than Teddy Bears. Teddy Bears play the old school grind out game. Teddy Bears will not have a chance if they get into a fast break game with showtime. But the Teddy Bears have enough fire power to compete with any team and have all the experience they need. They will need a big game from their best all around player Billy. But we predict that Showtime will roll into the championship game with an easy 65-50 win.
LA Showtime should beat Team Ohio 75 - 66 for the National Championship!
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Monday, October 16, 2006

Great tournament in Windsor, Canada. A lot of good competition and well ran tournament. Congratulations to Team United for finishing 1st place and is back to their winning ways. Look out for this team next year to compete for the National Championship! Also props for to the Toronto Dragons for finishing second. The #2 team in the country (Team Ohio) couldn't make the tournament due to some issues. Now up the Asian Final Four Championships in Atlanta, Ga!
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

From Bo I want to personally thank the all teams and players and people, that put have put in work to host tournaments and participated in tournaments accross the country. Without you helping grow asian ball, we would not have come so far. Yes we have a lot of progression to go, but I feel that we are on the right track as long as we do it in a positive manner. People spend a lot of money traveling to play, and hosting tournaments. Thank you for doing so. And to the teams that are participating in the Final Four, you are making history happen. Thank you for participating. This is the beginning of something big in the future. We all have been playing in asian tournaments for a long time and never really have had a definitive national championship! Hopefully this will be the start of finally having a true champion of the year. Of course the system is never perfect, just look at college football, and they have all the money in world. Hopefully in the future we will have a top 32 team Championship tournament. With more sponsors and more people being interested in the future will have tournaments and championships that will be free to enter on a regular basis. But until then let this Final Four be the first ever free Asian Basketball National Championships! And also in the future we hope to pay for travel expenses. Thanks again for those who show support and love. Thanks and God bless....
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Good luck to those teams headed to the Windsor, Canada Tournament. Asian ball is alive and well in Canada. Hopefully we will see some Canadian teams in more of the asian tournaments in the states!
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Monday, October 9, 2006

New York Cruisers finished 1st place in the NYC tournament over the weekend. Congratulations! They are going to be a team to look out for next year to compete for the championship. Also great job to Maximum Output for finishing second. Organizer Larry Chow did a great job as host. There are a lot of great teams in the East Coast area we will definitely hear more about them in the future!
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Friday, October 6, 2006

Good luck to the teams this weekend in NYC tournament. Maximum Output 2nd Annual tourney will have some of the top teams in the east coast representing. So it should be a great tournament!
Also the teams are set for the Asian Final Four National Championships on October 28th!! Four teams representing their region and state. You will find out more about these teams soon. The teams are:
#1 LA Showtime - West Coast
#16 Teddy Bears - South/East Coast
#2 Team Ohio - North
#10 Northsiderz - Midwest
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