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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

East Coast Basketball last weekend. Dreamleague's East All-Stars take 1st Place in New Jersey. Coach Larry Chow and his Maximum Output team took second. Hopefully we will see more NYC teams come play in Atlanta. But Congrats to Dreamleague for taking tournaments in the west and east coast. Dreamleague recruits the top players in the country. They will be a force this year to compete for the championship. Also last weekend we want to give recognition to the lady asianballers in NYC:
2007 NY Maximum Output 3on3 Girls/Womens Basketball Tournament
Womens Open
1st place: NY Lady Cruisers
2nd place: Team Minvera
Girls 16-under:
1st place: NY Sabres Girls
2nd place: NY Cruiser Girls
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Atlanta Asian Spring Basketball League signup is starting now. All games are on Tuesday night. Fee is only $100 per team. Call Bo at 404-259-7367 for more info.
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What's wrong with Vick?
Well, if you haven't heard, Michael Vick of the Falcons is in trouble again. Guilty or not guilty of drug charges we do not know yet. But in Atlanta, the Falcons are always a hot topic in sports. Weather you are a fan or a hater of Vick and the Falcons, or even care at all. You have to wonder why so many athletes that have money do some strange things. People always say,"man that guy makes a lot of money why would he jeopardize that!" But you have to look around or even look at yourself, and think. We all at some point have done dumb things. And we know friends and people that do dumb things. Pro athletes are people too, that make mistakes or deliberately do these strange things. They have the same temptations or even more because they have money and the fame. So the cost of a bad action is usually higher for high profile people. You can pass judgement or say a person is terrible, thats your opinion. But remember when you judge someone, you too will be judged according to how you judge others. Of course we should never do wrong. And wrong is wrong. But right is right. We all do dumb things and we all make mistakes. Mike Vick has tarnished his image in Atlanta. What will happen to him now, who knows. Thats up to Vick. When you are in the spotlight, there is always someone waiting for you to screw up. God is the ultimate judge, but God also forgives if you sincerely ask it. Just a thought. I am a fan of Mike Vick and I hope he can get his act straight. But everyone must pay for their sins. Sooner or later........
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shining Stars All-Star Game Nominees
West All-Stars
Coach - Romeo Covento - LA Showtime
Ryan Rayez - LA Showtime
Seve - SJ Shootout
Xiro - Northsiderz
Alex - Dynasty
Saylom - Illmatic
Hank Huang - Mpls Lakers
Scott Domingo - LA Showtime
Mong Thao - Diciples
Lou Cha - Fosho
Tola Khan - Team Fresno
East All-Stars
Coach - Larry Chow -NY Maximum Output
Eddie Wang - Maximum Output
Billy Kim - Teddy Bears
Brandon Chock - Maximum Output
Southstar - Team Orlando
Dennis - Team Orlando
Billy Deming - FA East Boyz
Tony Khuu - Team Orlando
Teio - Supreme Court
Atif - Atl Outkasts
Thomas - Teddy Bears
Congratulations to the nominees! These are the EAST & West teams if they choose to attend. We will have alternate All-Stars if they choose not to come. Thank you to Larry Chow from NY Maximum Output for his continued support. He will bring his own  team from New York City to the tournament on Feb. 24th, so watch out for them in Atlanta. They should be the team to look out for on All-Star Weekend. We will provide more info and updates as soon as we get them. Thank you and get your tickets to a special weekend of asian basketball!! This is an historic event in asian basketball history!
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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

ATTENTION!!!! ATTENTION!!!! All players that are ranked and would like to participate in our Shining Stars All-Star game on February 23, 2007, please contact us at or call bo at 404-259-7367. The All-Star game will be at Philips Arena on the Atlanta Hawks actual game floor. More info will be availlable soon. Thanks.
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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!!! Wow, what a year that 2006 was for asian basketball. We have come a long way asian people. I am proud of all that we have accomplished. We at want to thank all the teams and participants and tournament coordinators and hosts for the great job that yah have done in 2006. We are excited to see how asian basketball has grown. 2007 I'm sure will be even better. We have a lot of great plans this year to push the growth even more. So look out for more great events near you. There are so many good potential young ball players and young teams. Who will be this year's National Champion!
Winter Jam Wrapup
Team United from Virginia Beach were the favorites going into the last weekends tournament, and they proved to deserve the honors by taking first place lead by #1 Benny Batoon and #8 K Washington. But the entire team contributed to the championship. This is a very talented team hungry for this year's National Championship. They said,"Bring on LA Showtime!".  Taking second, the ever consistent Teddy Bears from Atlanta. This is the first year of the the Atlanta Winter Jam, so there were not a whole lot of teams. Lots of reason maybe due to the holiday season. But this will be the start of another great tradition in the South.
Winter Jam Final Four Teams
Team Orlando - FL                             40
Team United   - VA                             50
Philadelphia Suns - PA                       21
Teddy Bears  - GA                              48
Championship Game
Team United  57       Teddy Bears   48
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