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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NCAA Final Four this weekend in Atlanta looks to be a great weekend for basketball fans. You have the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and the South represented. No matter who you want to win, its gonna be an exciting Final Four. Have fun watching the games.
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Congratulations to Team Oklahoma for taking the 2007 Asian Olympics in Austin, Texas and also congrats to Team Houston for taking 2nd place. This tourney looks to become one of the top tournaments traditions in the country.
Also big ups to Glory for taking the Championship in Gustavus tournament in Minesota and Just Us for finishing second. Who is Glory hmmm? New team or new team name? Are they top team in the Midwest region. We will find out in July.
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend in the Gustavus II Tournament, up in the Minesota area. Looks to be a fun tournament. We will see who is the top team in that region soon. Fosho had a great year last year and has dropped off a little bit. Can they get back their winning ways, or will the Diciples or Northsiderz prove that they are the best in the Midwest!
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Whoa! A tournament in Cali for $5000 dollars! Yes, rumor or fact, that a tournament in May has $5000 for first, $2500 for second, and $1000 for third place. Well if its true, this tournament will catch the eye of many asian ballers in the country. We first saw the advertisement on So check out that site out to see if all the details are for real. Also we if you haven't already known about the Asian Olympics in Texas. Asian sports is taking off. We here at are very excited about all the events around the country. And the asian basketball season has started off with a bang! Team Houston has proven to be a force in asian basketball!  Will they be good enough to compete for the National Championship!
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