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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Big Dance in St. Paul, Minnesota June 30th
A lot of hype every year for this tournament in the Midwest! This tournament has become a great tradition for asian basketball in the Minnesota and Milwaukee area. With most of the teams representing the hmong population in the region, it draws over 30 plus teams every year. With the Hmong Sports Festival just around the corner, you have a good amount of spectators to watch the games. Thats more than most tournaments. This year should be exciting. The Northsiderz have never won this major tournament, but with the #1 player in the country (Xiro) they have been dominating the region. So maybe this year they will finally take it! We will see. The Mpls Lakers are the defending champs, so they will be the team to beat. Here is who we think will win this year's Big Dance.
1. Northsiderz - Xiro will finally get over the hump and prove why he's the best player in the country. And also with the added fire power of Alex at point it should be almost a garuantee for them to win.
2. Mpls Lakers - if Hank (moved to Arizona) plays with the Lakers they should easily make it to the Championship game and even repeat!
3. Team Houston - not sure if this team is going to show up. But if they do, they will suprise this region with their outstanding young talent. Very fast and athletic team that could take it all.
4. Gory - This new look team with former Fosho superstar Lou Cha change jerseys should propel them at least in the Final Four.
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June 9th NY Maximum Output 3 on 3 Summer Classic results
1st Place NY RL Cruisers
2nd Place Brooklyn Ballers
Men's Friendship Division
1st Place NY Maximum Output
2nd Place Tristate Invasian
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Thursday, June 7, 2007

June 2nd NY Maximum Output Women's 3 on 3 Summer Classic Results
1st place - NY Sports Challenge
2nd place - NY Lady Cruisers
16 & under
1st place - NY Maximum Output
2nd place -NY Cruisers
12 teams competed. Great job ladies!
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