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Monday, December 31, 2007

The 2008 Player Rankings are now available? Who are the top 5 players in the country?
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December 15th Holiday Tournaments results:
St. Paul, Minnesota Tourney (Midwest Meltdown)
Champions! - Glory, Mn
2nd - Shohoku, Mn
3rd - Da Great, Wisconsin
4th - Northsiderz, Mn
Winter Jam Holiday Classic
Champions! - Team Kaya, TX
2nd - Teddy Bears, Ga
3rd - Maximum Output
4th - Supreme Court

2007 Gotham City Games

Champions! - NJ/Cali Soormay Franchise
2nd place - Philly Fay

2007 Winter Asian Basketball Invitational
Hosted by the Philly Suns/Washington CYC
Champions! - Washington CYC
2nd Place - NY Rockits
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

There are a couple of holiday tournaments on December 15th. One in Minesota and one in Georgia. But the tournament year has come to a close. And we would like give out our yearly awards.
Player of the Year - Ryan Boado - Team Houston (voted by the fans) now playing in the Phillipines Ryan is young and talented. With his athletic ability and nasty left hand, Ryan is a legend in the making.
Team of the Year - Chosen Few (Hawaii) after winning some of the top tournaments in the west coast, Chosen Few (currently #1) wants to prove they are the best team in the country next year by attending more tournaments.
Best New team - Shohoku (Minnesota) from unknow to now known. This team has quietly become one of the top teams in the Great Lakes Region.
Most improved team - St. Paul Kings (Minesota) with their suprising finish in the July 4th tourney, and consistent play this year, they have put themselves on the map.
Most dissapointing team - Teddy Bears (Atlanta) the once dominant team in the south is going through some aging and starting to show signs of decline. Can they redeem themselves next year.
Tournament of the Year - NY Maximum Output Tourney (NYC October 6th)
this year they hosted the 2007 National Championship. From a banquet the day before the game and quality of facilities and refs, this tournament is the model for tournaments to follow.
Worst Tournament of the Year - Baby Blue Tournament (UNC) - its so disappointing that this tournament never improves itself. The registration coordination is terrific, but everything else stinks. From allowing one, two, or three non-asians to enter, small courts, very poor off the street refs, and too much home court craziness. This tourney has great tradition, lets try to make it better please! If you need help get with us!
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