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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This weekend's tournament at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Ga.; should have some good matchups; with some the top Indopak teams from the Southeast going against the some of the top teams from the Atlanta area. Who will be the king of the South! This is a new tournament in Atlanta so we will see if this tournament will be around to stay. Good luck to all the teams and we will see you on Saturday, March 1st.

Our picks for teams to finish in the Final Four teams:

Teddy Bears, GA
Rat Pack, GA
Maximum Output, GA/NY
Atl Outkasts, GA
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Are the Teddy Bears are Back?
Results from the UNC-Charlotte Tournament
Champions - Teddy Bears, Atlanta,Ga
2nd Place - Team United, Virginia
MVP - #22 Billy Kim (Teddy Bears)
Congratulations to the Teddy Bears for winning another tournament. They defeated a very athletic and talented Team United that look to be a very strong sure shot to win the tourney all day long. Dominating every team they played and also beating the Teddy Bears in an earlier matchup in divison play. But when it came to the championship game, the overall better team won.
The Teddy Bears seem to have broken out of their slump of no championships all last year. But is this a true measure of them coming back to being a top ten team again. We will see? With a revamped lineup and improved play of Billy Kim and Thomas Byrd, this team looks to be a national contender. We will see in two weeks at the Georgia Tech tournament if they can be consistently dominating again. The Georgia Tech tourney looks to have 24 teams and much better competition than the UNC-Charlotte tourney.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This weekend on Feb 16th, asian basketball is back in Charlotte, North Carolina. For awhile the Baby Blue Tourney was the only tournament in the Carolinas. But this week the Khmer Outlaws have stepped up and brought basketball back to this area. Looks to be a fun tournament. Have any of the Carolina teams improved?
In the past the Carolina teams haven't won any tournaments (or any that I can remember in the last 15 years) outside of their states. So hopefully this year will be different. Why? Who knows! Most of the teams don't travel too far out of their state (maybe to Atlanta usually). Is it talent? There a lot of good players in their states. Or just lack of interest in asian basketball? After all its only basketball! Maybe they don't take basketball as serious as other regions do. But don't they live in a College Basketball Hoops HotBed! With North Carolina University, Duke, NC State, Clemson, & Wake Forest around this area. You would think there would be one team that could win tournaments outside their states. Whats up Carolinas? What's going on? If Dean Smith or Michael Jordan knew that there were no asian champions coming out of the Carolina's, they would probably start their own programs! LOL! Well maybe this is your year Caroinas. But we will see.....
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Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year! 2008 Year of the Rat!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atlanta League starts back up this Sunday! Here's this week's matchups:
February 10
2pm        Supreme Court (0-1)
  J-Crew (0-1)
3pm      Teddy Bears (1-0)
   Max-Out (1-0)
4pm         ATL Outkasts (1-0)
  Picachoo (1-0)
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Windy City Tournament Results
Champions! - Chicago Rambonews, Illinois
2nd Place - Maximum Output, Atlanta
Final Four Teams
Chicago Rambonews
Maximum Output
Congrats to Rambonews on a great performance! They outlasted a good field of teams in the Windy City Tournament. They have good size and a deep talented bench, that will put any team to the test. We will see if they will compete for a National Championship.
Also at the tournament was the intriguing merger of Xiro and Bo. There seemed to be good chemistry by both players to take the short-maned Maximum Output team to the championship game, but they couldn't come through against a bigger, deeper Rambonews. And also the absence of Xiro and Jerry Dorsey due to injury did not help either. We will see if this duo will team up once again.
But the Windy City Tournament seemed to be a sucess and ran very professionally. Great facility and good referees. Good job to Charles Patamat and the Illinios Asian American Basketball organization.
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