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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The debate continues on who is the better coast, and which team has the best asian team in the country. Would the Chosen Few just dominate over the Teddy Bears, or would the Stocton Ballers destroy Shohoku. These are questions unanswered right now. Its tough because of the lack of funds and sponsorships to get these matchups. With the distance and travel such a big factor, getting coast to coast matchups is very tough. But in 2006 we had LA Showtime (no longer together) travel to Atlanta to match up against the Teddy Bears and the NS2Faded for an National Championship! Showtime proved that they were the better team, and showed that the west is the best! But now two years later, are the west still the best? Yes, they probably are. With tournaments year round in California, and some of the top asian basketball organizations in the country, the west coast is ahead of the game. Will the east catch up? Or will the perception that the west coast asianballers are better than any asianballers in the country continue. Are the ballers outside to the west coast gettin no respect still? We have heard many comments from west coast ballers that the rest of the country is wack! Will any team step up and take out this west coast trash talk? Until then the west can boast they are the best. We will do our best to get more matchups of west vs east to see who is the best asian team in the country!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

April Madness, Oklahoma University Tournament results:

1st Place - Public Enemy
2nd Place - Team Kaya
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Results from Azn 1 Open Tourney, Minnesota:


Glory    61   
AFJ    49   

Shohoku    67   
NS2faded    43   

Championship Game:

Shohoku    63   
Glory    31   

1st place - Shohoku
2nd place Glory
3rd place AFJ
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Uptempo Tourney, Caliornia Results:

1st Place - Team Fresno
2nd Place - Squad


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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

11th Annual Baby Blue Results - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

1st Place - Moist (NC)

2nd Place - Teddy Bears (GA)

The Teddy Bears tournament win streak has come to an end. But maybe they would have won this tournament also if there best player Billy Kim made the trip to Chapel Hill. But Congrats to Moist for a great tournament performance. Will we see them compete in other tournaments or like most of the 24 Baby Blue teams, they don't trave outside of North Carolina. Also the tournament allows one or two non-asians, so most of the teams won't play in an all asian tournament. Will Moist be different, or will they be like Instant Replay and only play in the Baby Blue!

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