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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Atlanta Summer League Opening Day!

Ther are some MAJOR changes in the schedule! So please check the schedule for your upcoming games.

Opening day had a major suprise when the Atl Outkasts added Tony Akins, to their already stacked & talented roster. Tony is home from Europe, and will most likely be playing in the league for the rest of the summer. So the team that lost to the Teddy Bears by 2 points in the championship of last season, just got even stronger. Are the Teddy Bears up for the challenge? Is it a done deal that the ATL
Outkasts take the championship? We will see! But its just adds to the excitement of this new season.

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Mpls Lakers get embarassed! Shohoku best in Minnesota!

The annual July 4th tournament in Minnesota was held on June 28th this year for some reason or another. But the tournament is still the best showcase for the midwest Minnesota ballers. The reigning champs Mpls Lakers were looking for another trophy, but it was not to be. The Lakers didn't even make it to the Final Four. They were thumped twice by NS2faded in blowouts. What happened? Lack of effort, no Hank da Tank, or just gettin older. A lot of close matchups with Glory and NS2faded going into two overtimes. Glory faced the the new powerhouse in this region, Shohoku, in the Finals. A close game at the end, but Lou Cha and Glory fell short once again and lost by 1 point. So Congrats to Shohoku! But we did pick you to win this tournament. We will see if they will represent in the Atlanta Classic.

Championship Game:

Shohoku 43 vs Glory 42

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

July 4th Minnesota "Big Dance", No Hype?

The St.Paul Tournament in Minnesota this weekend June 28-29 used to be a tournament with a lot of hype. But for some reason this year, it has gone under the radar. The has tournament always featured the best teams in the Midwest Minnesota area. Teams like Northsiderz, Mpls Lakers, & Shohoku. I believe it has lost its luster due to the disappearance of But hype or no hype, it should still be a good tournament. The Mpls Lakers seem to dominate this tournament since its existence. They have won 3 straight years, and looking to make it four. We think they will do it again, but will be challenged by the up and coming Shohoku team.

And is Xiro okay to play for the Northsiderz. With a bum ankle since the Windy City Tourney, he's not 100 percent yet. Because if he's healthy, anything can happen. Also Glory and Lou Cha are still looking for their first Big Dance tournament victory! And will Uptempo out of Cali, make noise again? We will find this weekend! So there's a lil hype for ya Minnesota!
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Atlanta Summer League begins on Sunday June 29th. Here is the schedule for week one's games.

June 29
5pm Happy Market vs Atl Rat Pack
6pm Hungovers vs Atl Blaze
7pm Atl Outkasts vs Showstoppers

The Teddy Bears are the defending winter league champs! What team will step up and take the title of best asian team in Atlanta away from the Teddy Bears! This season we have 13 teams, but here are some of the teams that we think should be in contention to win the Summer League. Atl Outkasts (lost a close game in the championship), Atl Rat Pack, Hungovers, and Max-Out should give the Teddy Bears some competition. Good luck to all the teams and we will see you on June 29th!
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

piercelay400080605.jpgCeltics show heart, Lakers, none

First we want to congratulate the Boston Celtics on winning the NBA Championsip! Great defense and great team basketball! But! The Lakers have to be the softest NBA team in the history of the NBA Finals. Weak and embarassing effort, getting their tails whipped like that last night. Have you ever seen a team in a championship series just quit competing. And yes, sportsmanship is good and great, but what happened to a competitive attitude. The Lakers didn't even give any hard fouls, and when the fouled someone they picked them up and said, "Sorry"! Come on, is this youth rec basketball or the NBA! What about passion and desire to win? No display of emotin or fustration win losing? Yes of course keep your cool, be an adult, but show me you care about your job. If you gonna lose, go out with a fight! Give it your all! Don't lay down and just let them stomp on you. Phil Jackson and the Lakers organization, should be ashamed of that kind of effort. The Celtics clearly had more talent, but they also clearly had more heart and passion also. Even the Atlanta Hawks showed more guts taking the Celtics to 7 games than the whimpy Lakers!

And don't even compare Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant! That's an insult to Jordan's competitive nature, period. Jordan hates to lose! Jordan might have been kicked out of one those games if his team was losing by 20 or more points! Jordan would be in his teammates face and in the opponents face. Jordan would have played more physical and pounded back, instead of getting pounded on. Kobe is very good, but he doesn't have that killer instinct like Jordan. Not even close.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get your team registered for the Atlanta Classic before July 1st for the Free T-Shirt offer! So don't delay! We hope to see you there!

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

We want to wish all the Dads a happy Father's Day!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Orlando Classic Results

Great turnout for their first tournament, the Orlando Classic is quickly going to become the Florida Championships, and should decide who's the best in Florida! Their are lot of good ball players from this area. The championship game had Florida's best team, Team Jacksonville, against Tampa. But with Robert Reyes (Jacksonville's Center) going down with an injury in the game. Tampa edged Team Jacksonville for the Orlando Classic Championship! Cogratulations to Tampa, we hope to see you in the Atlanta Classic!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Atlanta Summer League Registration and Fees are now due! If your team did not register yet, you will not be put on the schedule for the upcoming Summer League. So get those fees in ASAP!
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