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Friday, August 22, 2008

Toronto25.jpgON FIRE!
Toronto 25 for Life

The Toronto 25 are the hottest team in asian basketball right now! They just won their 5th tournament this year! Most teams can't even win one. Their last tournament championship was at the Motown Throwdown in Michigan (O-State finished second).

5 tournament championships is a record for most wins in a year for asian basketball. We have only been keeping track for the last 3 years, but its still a great accomplishment. In 2007 Glory out of Minnesota won 3 championships. Which was the most last year. But Toronto 25 have come out of nowhere and made a name for themselves.

Some might dispute that these tournaments are weak or they haven't faced anyone yet, but we know they have a very talented squad. They have already committed to go to New York for the National Championships! So we will see if they are the real deal. Because the National Championships will have the best of the best from all coasts. Can they be as successful in the National Championships. We will certainly find out in October! But win or lose at the National Championships, they have had an outstanding year already! So congrats to Toronto 25 on a great year and a great accomplishment!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Atl Outkasts brings the Championship Back to Atlanta!

atlantaclassicatloutkasts.JPG2008 Atlanta Classic Results:

The 9th Annual Atlanta Classic was a little down this year as far as number of teams, but there was still lots of great games and exciting players to make a memorable tournament. A No Show by Team Oklahoma, meant that there would be a new champion. There were at least 7 teams that looked like they were a contender to win the Classic. But there were two teams that started off very impressive!

Team Charleston looked very solid and dominated to a number 1 seed going into the playoff round. And also the Atl Outkasts looked just as impressive winning easily also getting a number 2 seed. Would this be the championship matchup? It was not to be for one of these teams.

Team Houston and Imperial out of Tennessee had a little bad blood when they first met. There some brief scuffles and trash talking. Two good teams that did not like each other. Imperials won the first matchup, but fate brought them back against each other in the playoffs. And Team Houston would not let them get another game on them. Lead by Ryan Boado (2007 Player of the Year) Team Houston came from behind and sent the Imperials back home.

The first Final Four game was Team Houston vs Team Charleston. Charleston had been cruising along all day, until they faced Team Houston. Houston atheliticism and overall team defense was too much for Charleston to handle. And once again Charleston is knocked out of another playoff and going home scratching their heads.

The second Final Four game between Team Jacksonville and Atl Outkasts had a little of everything.  Atif Sajid of the Outkasts came out blazing from the outside hitting 4 three's in the first half. At one point they up by 19 points. But Robert Reyes help Jacksonville get back in the game in the second half. Jacksonvilles scrappy defense cut the lead to 10 points. But with less than 5 minutes in the game, a suprise player that Jacksonville had been waiting for all day finally arrived. 6 foot 8 Joe Devance (former LA Showtime center) strapped the sneakers on and helped bring Jacksonville within 2 points, but too little too late. Tony Akins (former Georgia Tech guard) of the Outkasts helped seal the deal with a couple of layups.

The Championship Game may have been the most exciting game in Atlanta Classic history! With two asianballers stars, Ryan Boado of Team Houston and Tony Akins of the Atl Outkasts it was going to be a game everyone in the gym would remember. Team Houston's solid rebounding and team defense kept the game close from beginning to end. With Ryan Boado's offense (scored 32 points) answering every shot by the Atl Outkasts all game, Team Houston pushed the Atl Outkasts into overtime.

Tony Akins (scored 28 points) of the Outkasts was out to prove something all day long. He wanted to prove that he is the best asian baller in the country! With his defense, ball handling, scoring, rebounding, and vocal leader, Tony lead the Outkasts to thier first ever Atlanta Classic Championship! And this was Tony's first asian tournament championship also. Is Tony Akins the best asian baller in the country? That is still a debate. But at this year's Classic he proved that he should definetly be in the discussion! Congratulations to the Atl Outkasts this year's Atlanta Classic Champions!

Final Four Scores:

Team Houston       49
Team Charleston    36

Team Jacksonville   41
Atl Outkasts            48

Championship Game

Team Houston    56
Atl Outkasts        57  Overtime

Atlanta Classic MVP

G - #21 Tony Akins - Atl Outkasts

Atlanta Classic All-Tourney Team

G - #21 Tony Akins - Atl Outkasts
G - #3   Ian   Aparece - Team Houston
F - #10  Ryan Boado - Team Houston
F - #12  Atif Sajid - Atl Outkasts
C - #12  Robert Reyes - Team Jacksonville

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Results from the Fan Voting for the 2008 Player of the Year!
Congratulations to Billy Kim of the Teddy Bears from Georgia!

John Lane - Chosen Few, Hawaii (1627)41%
Thomas Byrd - Teddy Bears, GA (17)0%
Xiro - Northsiderz, Mn (130)3%
Bobby Hernandez - Stockton Ballers, CA (45)1%
Billy Kim - Teddy Bears, Ga (1688)43%
Sonny Margate - California (16)0%
Lou Cha - Glory, Mn (24)1%
Atif Sajid - Atl Outkasts, GA (29)1%
Ephraim Balactas - Team Oklahoma, OK (302)8%
Mario Thompson - Pac Rim, CA (77)2%
Other view suggestions (1627)41%

Total Votes: 3955
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To all teams competing in the Atlanta Classic!

Registrations and scheduling starts at 8:20 am
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