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Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 National Championships update:

The last day to confirm your spot for the tournament is September 20th. So all teams that are invited and have not yet confirmed with us please give us a call at 404-259-7367. Thank you.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The 2008 All-Asian Team & Yearly Awards

Congratulations on those who were selected to the All-Asian Team. It was very difficult to pick the team, because of all the talented players in the country. So don't be upset if you are not on the team. So keep hoopin maybe next year you will be on the team.

Also there is no real close to the asian basketball season, but the year is almost over according to this site. With the National Championships approaching in New York City, we will wrap this year up with some end of the year awards. Its been another exciting year of asian basketball and it seems that asian basketball is growing even bigger than ever.
With more leagues popping up around the nation and more players and teams traveling the country, asian basketball is moving forward. We want to thank all the tournament coordinators around the country for their hard work and dedication. If you have ever hosted a tournament, you know its a lot of work and very little financial benefit. So we want to acknowledge those to put the time to do so. We also would like to thank all the coaches, team captains, team organizers, and sponsors for their efforts to bring teams to compete accross the country. It takes money and someone to put it all together, so we are appreciative of all those who deal with players on an everyday or every week basis. It can get stressful keeping a team together. So here's a pat on the back from us. And to all the asian ballers who visit this site and continue to support asian tournaments. Thank you and please keep supporting your local asian tournament and tournaments around the country. With out the asian ballers there is no asian basketball. Keep working on your game, and we will keep working hard to bring asian basketball to the next level!

The 2008 All-Asian Team

Guard - John Lane (Chosen Few, Hawaii)
Guard - Xiro (NSFaded, Minnesota)
Forward - Mike Semira (Toronto 25 for Life, Canada)
Forward - Ryan Boado (Team Houston, Texas)
Center - Robert Reyes (Team Jacksonville, Florida)

Team of the Year - Toronto 25 for Life

This team has come out of nowhere and has dominated the scene whereever they go. They have set a record with 5 tournament championships this year! We look for more great things from this team in the future. Great job guys!

Most Dissapointing Team - Team Ohio

From being ranked in the top 5 a couple of years ago, to winning nothing this year. Team Ohio is fading into the sunset. What is going on with this team? Can they redeem themselves in 2009?

Most Consistent Team - Chosen Few

This dominating Hawaii team continues to be a powerhouse year after year, because of Mr. John Lane. Can they keep up their dominance and consistency in 2009? Well as long as John is around they should.

Rookie Team of the Year - Toronto 25 for Life

They are the team of the year. They just showed up on our radar. So it was an easy choice.

Best Tournament of the Year - Windy City Tournament

This suburban Chicago tournament was very well ran, good competition, great facility, and great organization. We look forward to next years. Congrats Charles Patamat. We recommend your tournament to anyone.

Worst Tournament of the Year - UNC Baby Blue

We wil continue to rag on this tournament until they stop refusing to not get better. Amateur refs that don't care about the game. Having players and fans be score keepers. Allowing 1,2,3 non-asians on some teams. And the very biased homecooking for the local teams. We hate to keep reminding this tournament of this every year. But they never get the message. There is such a great tradition for this region. It sad that no one ever tries to improve it.

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GT Slamfest Tournament Results:

Champions - Teddy Bears, GA
Runners Up - Team Charleston, SC
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Las Vegas Weekend 6-7th Tournament Results:

LVI Results

Champions - Wooreelitech, CA
Runners up -  Desert Jade, AR

Dreamleague Championships

Champions - Pac Rim, CA
Runners up - Dreamleauge All-Stars
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Asian Basketball Season is reaching a close at the National Championships in New York City on October 11-12. We will have the yearly awards for the 2008 season soon. We wil also announce the 2008 ALL- Asian Team! So stay tuned while we put some finishing touches on these awards.

Recent Tournament Champions:

Minesota Tourney - NS2Faded. Mn

Aloha Classic - Chosen Few, Hawaii

NABA Nationals - Team Detroit, Michigan

PIBNA Nationals - J-Unit, NY
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