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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Be part of the NCAA Brackett Challenge on ESPN. Go to the group to fill out your bracket and see if you can beat me! The winner of the group will receive some free prizes. Here is the link to join the group! Its free to play! Good luck and have fun watching all the games!
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basketball Economy?

Record number of lay-offs, stock dropping, and housing issues. Everyone knows of all the financial troubles facing america and the world. With all the concerns with the economy, is it affecting asian basketball?

As of now there hasn't been in major concerns or changes in attendance of asian leagues and tournaments. But will that change soon? Who knows? We will just wait and see. Asian ballers are so passionate about the game that most won't let money affect them playin ball. But basketball is still just a game and a form of entertainment. Its not a need like food & shelter (some ballers might think so), so we might see some drop-off this year. But as of now asian basketball seems to be alive and well. But remember its just a game so feed your kids and pay your bills. I'm sure you know that already. Laughing  We thank you for supporting your local leagues and tournaments.
We hope everyone is doing okay financially out there, and wish you the best blessings.
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Georgia Tech Tournament April 4th

The Georgia Tech Tourney has quickly become a fun and competitive tournament in the Atlanta area. The powerhouse Teddy Bears team is going for a three-peat on April 4th. But who will have the best chance to stop the Teddy Bears!

Here are some teams that might give the Teddy Bears some trouble:

MV (Tennesse) - Have great shooters from the outside. They one guard (name n/a) that can light it up from anywhere on the court.

Atl Rat Pack (Atl) - This team has inside/outside talent at all positions. With all the talent on this team you would think they would win more tournaments. But the Teddy Bears have always managed to pull out a win over these guys. Is this the year?

Team United (Virginia) - If this team shows up at any tourney they have a chance to win. The question is, are they gonna play their A game or play so so. This big and talented squad has beaten the Teddy Bears before so we will see.

Max-Out (Atl) - Max-Out lost in the championship game in the first GT Tourney to the Teddy Bears. Max-Out has never beaten the Teddy Bears in any game they have played in their history. But they do have the weapons to pull off their first win against them. This team has underachieved for so long, can they finally get over the hump?
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