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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vote for your 2009 Player of the Year! Every year we do an online voting for player of the year. We put a list of players who have had a performances worthy of a nomination. Our list is always to debate, so if you want a player on it for next year please let us know. The PLOY will receive a trophy, t-shirt, $50 gift card, calendar, and be known as the top player of the year. So get your votes for your favorite baller!
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Look who's back on Top!

Memorial Weekend Results:

Tigers Blue Tournament

Champions - Chosen Few

The infamous Tigers Blue tournament brought out some heavy hitters. Including teams from the top ten, Wooreelitech, Pac Rim, Chosen Few, and Tigers Blue. So who came out on top? Chosen Few has been looking to redeem themselves after being embarassed last year in Vegas by Wooreelitech. And they did just that. Chosen Few got their swagger back by giving Woorelitech payback. They also defeated the rest of the field to another tournament championship under their belt. Some of the teams were missing some of their top players, but in asian basketball a win is a win.

Team rosters in asian basketball change like the weather. Its not like the pros or college, because the committment to a team is never on paper or can be enforced. But your team name and reputation is at stake every time you enter a tournament or league. So the teams that stay consistent and win, you've got to give a lot of credit to. And Chosen Few has done that consistently every season with the leadership of point man John Lane. Congrats you are now back on top.

Chinese Nationals

Champions - Seatle Bladerunners

The 29th Annual Chinese Nationals has a repeat champ! The Seatle Bladerunners win back to back championships. The Bladerunners do not play in a lot of tournaments, but the play in the Chinese Nationals on a regular basis. They have dominated the Chinese basketball scene for quite some time. Will they ever go out and play in other tournaments? Waits to be seen. Are they as good against other asian races like they are against the Chinese. We think so, but we will never know unless they play in more tournaments.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Woo! Who? The new #1 team in the country!Woo.JPG

The name is WooreeLitech, and they are the fastest rising team in asian basketball. A team that has been a powerhouse on the Korean National Tournament scene, is now the #1 team in the country! After beating some top name teams within the last two years, such as Chosen Few and Dreamleague. This team consists of mostly Korean players and are built mainly to win the Korean Nationals thats held every two years. This year the Korean Nationals is held in Chicago, Illinois. But whats makes this team dangerous is there size and deep talented bench. With more than 7-8 players around or over 6'4 they can wear out teams just by their size. We will see if this team will come and showcase themselves in the Asian Nationals this year in Atlanta. But you will definetly remember name WooreeLitech from now on!

LA Showcase Results:

WooreLitech - Champions
Dreamleague - Runners Up

Recent Tournament Results:

Azn1Hoops Minnesota Tourney

Champions - Public Enemy
Runners Up - Dynasty

CCYAA Tourney

Champions- Toronto 25 for Life
Runners Up - Toronto Kagers

SMU Tourney

Champions - Public Enemy

World Journal NYC Tournament

Champions - NY Cruisers
Runners Up - NY Maximum Output

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