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Thursday, June 25, 2009

FABA Metro DC Tournament Results:

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FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 57 vs FSA Jacksonville 48

Team United of Virginia 59 vs Quietstorm 48

P10 winner by default over Deausen Group

FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 67 vs FSA Jacksonville 54

Quietstorm 70 vs Deausen Group 44

Boston Masae 73 vs FSA Jacksonville 56

Quietstorm 68 vs P10 24

Boston Masae 38 vs FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 37

Team United of Virginia 58 vs P10 41

Deausen Group 59 vs Team United of Virginia 44

FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 63 vs Deausen Group56 (play-in)

Team United of Virginia 66 vs Boston Masae 46

FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 59 (OT) vs Quietstorm 57

FABA of Metro DC, Inc. 46 vs Team United of Virginia 43


Boston Masae

FABA of Metro DC, Inc.

Quietstorm of Virginia Beach

Team United of Virginia

Men's OPEN Finalist- Team United of Virginia

Men’s OPEN Team Champion- FABA of Metro DC, Inc.

Men’s OPEN Most Outstanding Player – Anthony Gavierres

This Men's OPEN Division was the most competitive that FABA of Metro DC, Inc. seen and hosted since the 2007 FBA- NA tournament. Team United was the heavy favorite leading up to the tournament after the defending champion 25 for LIFE couldn't come. But when they met Deausen Group of Maryland in the 2nd game they found themselves on the other hand but when Quietstorm silenced Deausen Group of Maryland in the next game the tournament was all for grabs between this 3 teams. Then the next day Deausen Group of Maryland has to play FABA of Metro DC, Inc. in a play-in game for the right to join the other 3 in the semis. FABA of Metro DC, Inc. pulled an improbable upset and pulled another upset in a gut wrenching heart stopping overtime thriller over Quietstorm. FABA of Metro DC, Inc. desperation 3- pointer in the regulation went in to forced overtime. Team United dispatched Boston Masae in the semi and waited for the winner of the other game. In the final game of the competition saw FABA of Metro DC, Inc. outlasting Team United at the end but not till the last possession of the game that they can celebrate. As the last 3 pointer heave by Team United hit the rim and out the whole FABA of Metro DC, Inc. stormed out on the court to celebrate another championship in the books. This one was special because they had to played 4 games in a 6 hour period and had to upset the top 3 teams of the tournament in succession. They did something unthinkable, the amazing happens.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The 2009 Atlanta Classic has been moved to its original date sometime in August. We apologize for any inconvenience. And the exact date will be announced very soon. Thank you for your patience.

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