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Saturday, April 24, 2010

This  Ref  Sucks!referee.JPG
Are you tired off inconsistent officials at tournaments? Are you just fustrated with the terrible quality of calls made? Don't you just hate referees that cheat for the home team? And are you just sick of referees that don't really care about the game they are supposed to be officiating? I am

You play your but off and give it your all, and the game is ruined by bad calls all game. You take to the basket and go hard like a good baller should, and get banged around like a pinata, no call. You try to just keep playing and forget about it, but bad call (or no call) after bad call. Your team gets down by over ten points now. What do you do? Ask they ref,"Whats the deal?" You get no response or an attitude back and you say some mean stuff, and technical foul on #23. You blood gets even hotter now and basically you are not playing your game anymore. You lose, you go home. Sometimes it gets uglier before you go home. No violence guys.

You paid your money to play like everybody else. Win or lose you just want a good game. May the best team win. But we all have been there. Bad officials can change games.  Do you think that asian basketball tournaments are getting better as far as the caliber of referees they bring?  Even though it is still bad, I would say that it is better than when I first started playing in tournaments. The refs back then were so horrible that there were fights at almost every tournament. Now there is at least less fights. But we have to improve on that part of asian tournaments. Good officials give credibility to tournaments and allows good teams to compete at a high level. So if you plan on hosting a tournament in the near future get some good referees please. It would make everyone happier. I still feel that good teams win no matter what, but everyone will benefit from having good and fair calls at basketball games.
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