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Friday, May 7, 2010

                    Kobe vs     Lebron
     4 NBA Titles
          1 MVP
           2 MVP's
 kobe-bryant.jpg  lebron_james.jpg

The debate continues over who is better. Kobe Bryant or Lebron James? The two best basketball players in the world. They are the most recognizable basketball players in the world.

Now that Lebron has won the his second straight MVP in 2010, is he the best basketball player on the planet? Lebron is physically a freak. Fast as a wide receiver at 6'9. Strong as a boxer. And skilled dribbler and passer at his height also. And of course the incredible jumping ability. But  he hasn't won an NBA championship yet. Will he this year? We will see. But the question is: Is he better than Kobe Bryant?

Kobe has 4 NBA championships. Kobe has been the best player in the league in most eyes for awhile now. Let's compare their games. Both are good jump shooters, but Kobe has a slight edge on consistency. Both can drive and finish at the basket, but Lebron has more power,  finishing and dunking. Both are great leaders on the court. Defensively Lebron can block shots, but Kobe is lock down defender. So hmmm. My pick. Who has 4 NBA titles? Who has none? Even though Lebron James is this years MVP. Kobe still has an edge on him because of the titles. But is a fun debate. Don't fight over it. Maybe Lebron and Kobe will meet in the Finals and we can see the matchup on the big stage and settle the score.

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