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Friday, August 20, 2010

Recent Tournament Results:

August 14, 2010
2010 Summer Invitational Tournament
Champions: 25 for Life
runners up: O-State


July 31, 2010
Motown Throwdown in Michigan
Champions: 25 for Life
runners up: KCAA


reporter: Justin Uy
date: 08/14/10

Tournament: Mabuhay Cup
tournamentresults: Hoopdome Toronto, Ontario

Champions: Team All-In
Runner-Up: Durham


reporter: Justin Uy
date: 08/14/10

Tournament: CCYAA
tournamentresults: York University Toronto

Champions: Team All-In
Runner Up: FCCM

Team All-In defeated Toronto Titans in Quarters and Kagers in Semi-Finals


reporter: Ryann Velasquez
date: 05/29/10-05/30/10

Tournament: Hype City Basketball Tournament
tournamentresults: Leagues of America
Houston, Tx

Champions: Flight
Runner Up: Da Hated
Article: With Da Hated as one of the favorites to always win any asian tournaments
out there. A group of unknown players came out and breezed through their competition
in this tournament. Led by John Brown University's 20 yr old PG Abel Galliguez,
Flight was able to defeat Da Hated in the championship with ease. The championship
game showed how talent can always beat an experience team.


reporter: Kimo Matsushima
date: June 27, 2010

Tournament: Nisei Week Hoops Tournament
tournamentresults: June 25, 2010 Day 1:

Game 1:
Walnut JL defeated Blue Canvas 2 (62-54)
Game 2:
Taiwan Center defeated VVDC (67-43)

June 26, 2010 Day 2:

Game 3:
VVDC Defeated Blue Canvas 2 (64-62)OT
Game 4:
Taiwan Center Defeated Walnut JL (75-53)

June 27, 2010 Day 3:
Game 5:
Taiwan Center Defeated Blue Canvas 2 (72-47)
Walnut JL Defeated VVDC (58-52)

Tournament Rankings (Record):
4th Place: Blue Canvas 2 (0-3)
3rd Place: VVDC (1-2)
2nd Place: Walnut JL (2-1)
1st Place: Taiwan Center (3-0)

Tournament Champions: Taiwan Center 

This tournament was pool play with 4 teams. Each team played against each other and
the team with the best record takes home the championship. Blue Canvas2 formerly
WooreeLitech brought in there 2nd team to this tournament and struggled with an 0-3
record. They just lost to VVDC at the buzzer in overtime on the second night of
action. VVDC (1-2) had some amazing athletes but fell to Walnut JL on third day of
action to take home 3rd place. Walnut JL (2-1) played tough throughout the
tournament. Their only loss was to the tournament champions Taiwan Center. Taiwan
Center had the best overall record with (3-0) and proved that they are champions
with there great team play.


reporter: David Yu
date: 6-12-10

Tournament: Charlotte Asian Basketball Tournament
tournamentresults: Charlotte, NC

Winner:  Fusion
(DC/NC team)

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assasians.JPGAtlanta Classic       Champions!

Team Assasins

The 10th Annual Atlanta Classic had an unexpected champion. The young Assasins out of South Carolina and North Carolina area, were basically not in the radar of asian basketball. But they clearly put themselves there now! They were a very athletic and quick team led by Issac Hill (16 points, 6 rebounds in championship game) and Scoti Naidas (12 points, 18 rebounds). They were young but, played poised against a very experienced Hit Squad who seems to always come up a little short.

This is the first time a Carolina team has won a tournament in Atlanta. Is this a beginning of a new era of Carolina basketball? Its been a long time since there was a team from this area that could compete for championships. Their hasn't been a superstar player to from the Carolinas since Johnny (aka Laos Jordan) was on the scene in the 90's. Maybe the 6'3 22 year old, Scoit Naidas will be the new Carolina legend. He is long and has some spring on those young legs! We will see if the young Assasins can prove that they are here to stay with more championships to come!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

homepageback.JPG10th Annual Atlanta Classic is this Saturday!

The location has changed for a better facility to Jonesboro First Baptist Church!

147 Church Street

Jonesboro, GA  30236

The Atlanta Classic is currently the longest running tournament in Atlanta, and has a rich tradition of great basketball games and players. This year will be no different. Come join us for a good time and celebrate 10 years of asian basketball in Atlanta! Supreme Court is the defending champs! Will they repeat? We will find out if they have what it takes to be back to back champions.

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