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Friday, December 16, 2011

Chris Paul is a Clipper!

Now that Chris Paul is out of New Orleans, he is with the L.A. Clippers? How did this happen? The Lakers and Laker fans have to be furious! The trade is denied to the Lakers, but instead he goes to the other L.A. team. How rude. Bad for the Lakers, but great for the Clippers!

Can you say instant contender. Yes, this jumps the below average Clippers to title contender in the west. If Blake Griffin can continue to improve his game, this team will be a force in the west. I can just invision the alley oop dunks from Chris Paul to Griffin on ESPN already! Well good for the Clippers fans, maybe once they can overstage to Lakers. But something still smells funny in the NBA. This season has had a rough and weird start. But I can't wait till they start playing some games.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chris Paul of No Chris Paul?

What is David Stern and the NBA doing? If the Hornets want to trade Chris Paul to the Lakers, then let them. Why all the fuss? The NBA just had a lockout, and now David Stern and the owners are crying over big market teams and small market teams! If a team can't draw fans and cut in the NBA, then sell it or move it or just delete it! But to block a trade of this magnitude is terrible. Imagine the ratings for Lakers verses the Heat! They can make so much money off just one game. But I don't know, maybe David Stern is smarter than me. I like the guy, he has made some very good moves for the NBA. But I don't agree with this one.

If I were the Lakers I would put more effort in trying to get Dwight Howard instead of Chris Paul. Dwight is the most dominant big man in the game. With him and Kobe, it would be like Shaq and Kobe all over again. A good big man is more of an asset than a good point guard. Especially when you already have a guard like Kobe. The Lakers need more power inside and fragile Andrew Bynum is not the answer. Even if the Lakers don't trade anyone, they are still the team to beat.

bo noung

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The NBA is back! So who is going to come out on top this short season? Most are thinking Miami is just a done deal. And the young Oklahoma thunder will storm to the finals. But, its anybody's game. Free agency could have Dwight Howard to L.A.  newasianballers/kobebryant.jpg

Chris Paul could be in New York, who knows? The Lakers always have a shot with their cast of vets, and the Chicago Bulls and Derek Rose should be more experienced this year. So every basketball fan is glad the season is going to start. Everyone has their opinion on who is going to take the crown. So here are our preseason rankings, and we think that Kobe and the Lakers will be on top once again!

1. Lakers
2. Bulls
3. Heat
4. Thunder
5. NY Knicks
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