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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tebow Time!

Have you been watching Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos? You know you have. If you are a sports fan, you gotta be watching! This guy is exciting to watch! There's so much buzz about this one football player, that even my wife is interested. I have never seen someone that experts in the game of football say,"he can't throw, he's not that good, he's just lucky, or he's not gonna last." I'm sure he's heard it all before.

Tim Tebow was a highschool all-american. He played at the University of Florida and won SEC championships! The SEC is considered the best college conference in the nation. And he won two NCAA National Championships! He was the most feared college player when he was on the football field. But he doesn't fit the mold on the field and definetly off the field. His faith in Jesus Christ and his giving credit to Almighty God sets him apart from the rest of the typical athletes. He has that Samsonest feeling around his whole being. A person givin extraordinary abilities to pull out victories.

So why is everyone so interested? Maybe because there hasn't been someone so different, and be not skilled at his craft, and still do amazing things! It just defys logical thinking. He just finds a way to motivate himself, his team, his fans, and his haters. This is what legends are made of. Is he going to beat  Tom Brady and the Patriots, who knows, but you will be watching for sure. Good luck Tim, I am a Patriots fan, but I am cheering for you my brother in Christ. Go get em!

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