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Monday, August 26, 2013

Player profile

newasianballers/TimRowe.jpg#42 Tim Rowe
height: 6'11
age: 17
position: guard
school: Berkmar High
location: Norcross, Georgia

Tim is a young tall, very tall Asian-American that has great potential. Tim is entering his Senior year of school and hopes to make a lot of scouts impressed to land at a big name school. Can he be good enough to do that and maybe make the NBA? Well size should not hold this young man back! There hasn't been an asian this tall in this region ever since I have known. Tim has a lot on his shoulders this next season, but he should be excited also to have so much potential. Most asian ballers would love to be in his position. Most asian ballers would just love to be 6 foot tall let alone 6 foot 11. But from the looks of it Tim is not only height but has some game. We wish Tim the best of luck.
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Emil Kim  Gnewasianballers/emilkim.jpg
Current Team: N/A
Date Of Birth: N/A
Birthplace: Santa Ana, California (United States)
Nationality: United States
Height: 6-4 (193cm)      Weight: 200 (91kg)   
Current Agent: N/A
Current NBA Status: Unrestricted Free Agent
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