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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kobe Bryant of the Lakers signed a $48.5-million contract extension recently, and many critics are howling "dumb decision"! You got a declining superstar that has just recovered from an achilles injury, so giving him that kind of money doesn't make sense to some people. Plus all the Kobe haters now have more reason to say Kobe is washed up, but still getting superstar money. And who knows if he will be the same player again? He is aging and his athleticism is fading even before the injury so it does look like a waste of cap space for the team. So does the Lakers think this is a good investment?


Kobe is the face of the franchise that's why. Kobe has fans all around the world. He sells Lakers merchandise and season tickets. He is almost like Michael Jordan to the Lakers. When he retires as a Laker they will sell out tickets! And Kobe has been good to Lakers for his career, maybe this is a reward for all the championships. Wether you like Kobe or not his legacy as a basketball will be that of a great Hall of Fame player. It is sad when our great athletes fade with an injury, age, or past their time. So enjoy watching your favorite players now whether they are a professional, amateur, or playground legend. Everything has an end even if we can't accept it. Great career Kobe, hopefully we will have a few more memories to add in the next coming months and years. 

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Tradition 

Toccoa Falls Asian Basketball Tournament newasianballers/turkeyball2.jpg

After you have eaten your turkey, eat more turkey and ham, get fat on some pumpkin pie, and then go shopping for Black Friday sales, are you ready for basketball? Maybe not, but there are many every year who attend this tradition in the south the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Toccoa Falls tournament has been an annual tradition at Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. This tournament has a modest beginning with the Hmong culture starting this unique tournament. It's has grown to allow more teams from other asian nationalities. This one of the tournaments that has stood the test of time in the southeast region and every year it's get better and more competitive. This year will be no different.

The uniqueness of this tournament is that it allows younger players to get their feet wet against veteran asianballers. When a tournament has an exact date, people can make plans around a busy holiday and attend it every year. The crowds are usually very energetic an knowledgable of the players and teams. This makes this tournament competitive and exciting. This tourney is not the most organized event. But the tradition and family like atmosphere for basketball lovers, draws the attention to this great event. Also the proceeds are to support Christian missions. So get fat on your turkey on Thanksgiving and we'll see your every year on the Saturday after for all day basketball! 

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