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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Progression of Asian Basketball in Atlanta, Georgia

Asian basketball has become stronger and more organized in Atlanta, Georgia. In the
past, has managed a league for some of the best Asian ballers in the
area. The last few years Oriental Basketball League has continued the tradition and provided a
place for top Asian ballers to compete and show their talent. Players now have a league of their
own and a chance to win championships and prizes. They now have a reason to practice, train,
and work on their game. Players now have a place to not only play against some of the best Asian
ballers, but also a place to play with their friends, school buddies, or work colleagues.    

In Oriental Basketball League, game stats are kept so players can see how they
performed each game and whether they improved. Stats also provide an objective way for players to
measure themselves against one another. Of course there are a lot of intangibles that cannot
be measured and do not show up on the stat sheet. The good players, however, will tend to fill
the stat sheet - whether its points, rebounds, or defensive stats. At the end of the day,
basketball is about scoring and rebounding. Teams who can outscore their opponents will win games.
Players who can score and rebound can help teams win games.

Oriental Basketball League is currently in its 9th season, running about 3 seasons a
year. From the beginning a team called Teddy Bears has dominated the league, winning 3
championships and being runner-up 3 times. Teddy Bears has been around for a long time and has won many championships in other leagues and tournaments. Their point guard Timmy Dam has
successfully built teams over the years and has created a dynasty. Bo Noung has joined Teddy
Bears for the past couple seasons and has helped them win many games. He has also won multiple
league and Finals MVP. Bo Noung is a lethal scorer who has dominated Asian basketball for a
long time.

Planeteers is another team that had success in Oriental Basketball League, winning 2 
championships. David Noh is the center piece for those two championship teams. He is
a strong inside player with an uncanny ability to finish around the basket. He is a gym rat
and lives in the weight room. Planeteers blew away the competition and won each game by huge
margins. They dominated opponents with their size, skill, and excellent team play. David Noh has
also played for other teams in his career. His team this season is called Chunju. They are
undefeated in the regular season so far and are poised to win a championship. 

Other top players to emerge from Oriental Basketball League include players like
Eric Tran, Dang Tran, Mike Yoo, Shun Gokita, Phil Shin, and Kevin Lee. In the next article we will
discuss these players and what makes them so good.

written by Tol Chan

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