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Friday, April 11, 2014

Why do teams struggle

organized basketball

What makes some teams so terrible in organized basketball? A big reason
is that they lack fundamental team play. They have no idea how to run a simple
pick-and-roll or give-and-go to create easy baskets. They don’t know how to
make the extra pass to get an open shot. As a result every possession is a
struggle to score. Every possession turns into a one-on-one play, usually
ending in a tough shot that has a low percentage of going in the basket. It
results into a turnover or fastbreak for the other team. When two horrible
teams play each other it is almost unwatchable. The game is low-scoring, but
not because both teams are playing good defense. Sometimes you wonder if the
score will reach double digits by halftime. Players have their heads down, the
crowd if laughing – everyone is embarrassed.
Many of these bad teams usually have players who lack fundamental
skills. They may be athletic and look like basketball players, but they lack
basketball skills. They miss easy layups. They don’t know how to move without
the ball. Most importantly they can’t shoot. Some can shoot the three, but
can’t make anything midrange. That is a shame because the great players all
have midrange games and can get easy baskets. Shooting is particularly
important in organized basketball because most teams play zone defenses,
whether it’s 2-3 or 3-2. Scoring against zones require players who know how to
fill space, make cuts, pass, and shoot. Shooting is one of the most fundamental
skills of basketball. If you can make an open shot you can become a very valued

on any team. If a players percentage is 50% when he is open, then it will drop to

30% or less when he is covered. But most recreational players don't practice much

to be successful. That's why there is only a few that can really play.

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