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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love? Don't like it.

Everyone is talking how this is such a great trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They say instant championship again for Lebron. Love is this great player. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.  Kevin Love is no Larry Bird. Bird played defense and made his teammates better. Love couldn't get his team in the playoffs. He is weak on post moves and doesn't play defense. At least Chris Bosh was athletic and played defense.

Andrew Wiggins is young, talented, and has a very high potential. He will take a team to the playoffs. Wiggins is an underated shooter, and playes incredible defense. The more he learns, the more the All-Star he will become. The Cavaliers could have been the new Chicago Bulls with Jordan and Pippen. Now the are just Lebron and crew. Wiggins has great potential and could have learned really quick while playing a side role with Lebron. I was seeing Lebron running the fast break and tossing an alley to Wiggins, but that fantasy is over. Cavs you screwed up! Plus I would rather watch a developing Wiggins, than Kevin Love team any day. 

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