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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

 1996 Bullls vs 2016 Warriors


Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls team that won 72 or this year's potential record breaking Golden State Warriors?Hmmm...... good question. Both teams have remarkable players. Both teams have great role players. Both coaching connections. But both are very different. Different styles and different basketball era.

The Golden State Warriors are this generation's Chicago Bulls. With a great superstar who doesn't dunk, but shoots far, far, far from the basket with great magical ease. A 3 for a 2. Stephen Curry has been compared to be as dominating as Michael Jordan, but in a different style. Not physical but skillful, but just as effective. And he has teammates that fit so well around him. He has his Dennis Rodman - Draymond Green. His Pippen - Klay Thompson. His Kukoc - Harrison Barnes. His Longley - Andrew Bogut, and the rest of the crew. Not so similiar in styles, but great in their roles just as the 1996 Chicago Bulls. This would be a fun matchup to watch. But this era is so completely different. Weaker competition. Weaker players. And weaker teams. Sorry young generation of ballers that are enjoying this amazing Warriors team. Facts are facts. The NBA has gotten soft. Basketball has gotten soft. You can't touch people anymore. The Chicago Bulls are the greatest team of all time because they are just tougher than any ever team that I have watched.

Dennis Rodman would eat up Draymond Green. Pippen would shut down Klay Thompson. And of course the Bulls had the greatest player of all time. Michael Jordan would lock Stepeh Curry down, dunk on him and drop 40 plus a game on this weak NBA. Thats just the facts. And Phil Jackson is better coach than Steve Kerr any day. No contest! Even if the Warriors win more than 72 this season, they might not even be the best team in the NBA today. San Antonio has a shot to take them down. There is no way that Stephen Curry's Warriors can beat the Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in a 7 game series. There is really no debate. The physcality of basketball back then is vastly different than now. The warriors and Steph Curry would not survive a full season, let alone win 72 games. Sorry Warriors fans, the 1996 Chicago Bulls wins again in this debate. 

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Thursday, February 4, 2016


The Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday, so I decided to give my prediction of the winner of the game. But first, I don't believe that the Broncos should have won their game. If Belichick would of just kicked the field goal in the fourth quarter instead of going for it on fourth down, the Patriots (which is my favorite team) would be going for a repeat. So I really don't care who wins because I'm a little sore about New England losing.

But I believe that because the NFL wants Peyton Manning to go out with a Super Bowl, that they will find a way to let the Broncos win. Plus all the money is on Carolina so the bookies will kill everyone if the Broncos win. Of course I could be severly wrong, but no one really knows anyways. So for my prediction, the Broncos will win 24 - 20 over the Panthers. Sorry Carolina and Cam Newton. Hopefully for you I am wrong. 

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