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Friday, July 7, 2017

Meet Watler Lum!

The California Chinese community have done it again! They have produced another asian american basketball player legend in the making. We all know about Linsanity! Palo Alto's basketball phenom Jeremey Lin set the world on fire with his heroics from his days with the New York Knicks. But they have a new star! 17 year old  Lick-Wilmerding High School (silly name if you ask me) point guard Walter Lum is quickly getting attention for his basketball game. Leading his team to 37 wins in the last two seasons, he has the attention of the NorCal community. 


Walter is an exception ball handler and passer, but at 5'10 his jumping ability and quickness makes him stand out. Walter has 42 inch vertical with lightning speed. A very aggresive slasher and hard nose defender. I'm not sure colleges are recruiting a whole lot of 5'10 players, but if I was a coach I would definetly give Lum a try. Lum not only is athletically gifted but also has a high basketball IQ, and very unselfish with his game. A great point guard must be able to lead and get the ball to his teammates at the right time. Lum is still very young, but he is showing he has all the skill sets to possibly play pro ball somewhere. Is he good enough for the NBA? Only time will tell. Jeremy Lin has cracked the door for many Asian American ballers, maybe Walter Lum can push it wide open!  He might be currently at age 17 the best asian baller in America! Not only is he skilled by dazzling to watch! With a variety of moves and highlights, he is going to dazzle the asian basketball world. So we will be keeping a close eye on this new young asian baller! Good luck Mr. Walter Lum. We hope you will be producing LUMSANITY soon!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Cambodian National Team
The Cambodian National Team will be competing in 2017 SEA GAMES!  They have players on the roster from here in the States from Lowell, Mass and California. This year's games will be in Kualalumpur, Malaysia.
I spoke to coach Austin Koledoye a few days ago and he is excited about this year's team. They are hoping they can win a medal after finishing 7th in the last SEA Games in 2015. Cambodian basketball is improving day by day but they are still far behind in development of sustainable pro leagues and national team that can compete against FIBA teams. Austin is hoping to gain support from US Cambodian organizations and players. He needs financial assistance and also people to help develop and train new young players. will be working with Austin to see if they can start moving Cambodian basketball in a more positive direction at a quicker pace.
Cambodia will be hosting the SEA GAMES in 2023, so the need for getting more talent in all sports and especially basketball will bring excitement and interest to the Cambodian people. Also Cambodians in the United States do hold a national tournament like the Koreans, Chinese, and Philipinos. The Laotioan community has similiar concern for the lack of organized sporting events for their culture. will be seeking to get more involvement from various sources to aid on these projects to organzie national tournaments here in the US. The goal is to develop and recruit talented basketball players who are interested in helping the National Team. This will be a tough project, but it will be worth the effort. The Cambodian community needs something to unite them together again after all these years. Basketball can help. If anyone is interested in donations, suggestions, or just want to help. Please contact us at 404.430.1598. We look forward to the possibilities that the asian basketball community can change lives!
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